Just Cause 3

I am creating mods for Just Cause 3 since late 2017. My very first mod was the underwater buggy which first got me really fascinated with modding. I followed up with the snowmobile mod and the vehicle collection

By the time i released the Ultimate Vistosa I was still just editing vehicle stats and textures, however that was about to change

I first started looking deeper into vehicle property files, which resulted in my very hacky “amphibious vehicles + driveable train” mod. In this mod, all i did was swap parts, stats of sportscars onto the already amphibious Baltdjur tank. The problems caused by this is that this car could not spawn without having the regular car loaded first…

Down the road i played around with coordinates in multiplayer and discovered that game files use the exact same coordinates for object placement. I got curious and experimented with the file that places lakes all around Medicí and placed one of them at the top of the mountain. And guess what, it actually worked. This caused Hugom and me to work on a flood mod with various versions of the mod. Shortly before this, i also worked together with Hugom on the first person mod

After working on those two huge mods, i started working on modded vehicles for my Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server and shortly after, released the first two to the public for use in singleplayer in form of the Stormfire vehicle pack

In December of 2018 I wanted to go for bigger things. My first goal was to enable the Sky Fortress in multiplayer, which is was never enabled by the devs and with the help of Protato I was able to use it’s enable event to make it appear in online mode!

I was fascinated by the fact of influencing the map of Just Cause 3 and dug deeper with the goal of enabling mission areas in freeroam. I had no luck by looking for their enable events in the mission files as we have too few information on those, so i chose a different path. One of our modding team members worked on upgraded Just Cause 3 modding tools that are able to handle the patch files, which enables us to add files to archives. I used this and after a lot of fiddling around i loaded the first mission area in freeroam, he prison area! This was followed by the rest of them, including even a few debug areas along with improvements to how the game loaded the resources for more performance!

Between making those packs, i also got to know how to weaponize vehicles with the help of Protato, which resulted in the weaponized squalo, quad and a loochador equipped with an eDEN spark! Following this vehicle pack, i also published the weapon mix up pack which includes a port of Just Cause 4’s reptile aav and a thunderhawk with aimable missiles

After that, I made another controllable train, this time as it’s own vehicle, equipped with the missile wagon’s missiles, that act as a player triggered airstrike, called the ultimate train!

After learning a bit from Just Cause 4, i wanted to work on true amphibious vehicles, and with my knowledge from Just Cause 4, this happened faster than i ever imagined, resulting in the completely stand-alone enhanced amphibious vehicles!

I now started looking into vehicle parts files. These control all the parts of a vehicle, which parts is connected to which and what offset models have from their parent part. Using pretty much everything i know about vehicles, I created the enhanced weaponized vehicles, weaponized vehicles with added models to them and adjusted fire effects

Even with this, i was just getting started. After the enhanced weaponized vehicles, i published two more weapon swaps: The missile corvette and urga fura emp

Mid 2019 I finally released my fully custom map edit, the fonte bridge which connects insula fonte with striate. I actually started working on it at the start of 2019, but put it on hold and released it as beta. Thanks to findings of Tarry on how Just Cause 3 rotation works, i was also able to rotate bridge parts upwards for a almost seamless connection to the mainland at the end of the bridge

It was now around the time that Just Cause 4 got a blackmarket pack with a flying car. Flying cars were on my list of 3 most desired mods since i started modding, so i looked through the JC4 files, but i discovered nothing that would help me with this mod, so i got creative. I abused the weapon knockback in JC3 and rotated a weapon downwards, this way the knockback would act like thrust to the vehicle and it worked! I also added a forward boost mode besides VTOL. The first flying vehicle in Just Cause 3 was done

I also release the Freeroam Unlimited modpack on the website for easier access, but that was not the next big step. I received access to an unreleased model tool a month or two ago that allows for models to be imported to Just Cause 3’s model format, .RBM or RenderBlockModel for short. At this point the tools is very limited though and doesn’t add textures automatically, so after figuring out a quick fix, it was time for the first custom model mod! A month prior to this Protato also taught me how to clone vehicles, which allows for practically infinite mods at once. I’m putting this to use on Freeroam Unlimited to not replace base game vehicles with modded ones. But shortly after i also applied it to weapons and after another short trying around i found what i had to change to make them work. Applying this to the previous custom model weapon there was nothing holding back custom weapons either! I proceeded to create two more custom weapons, a modified UPM61 that shoots flak cannon bullets and a port of JC4’s Sequoia 370 mag-slug weapon. Before messing with weapon, i also messed with a whaleshark mod that helped me in assigning custom textures to models, so i was able to make custom skins for multiplayer vehicles and weapons now, without interfering with the item they are based on! The warship whaleshark was also created along with, finally, the mech Ghepardo, which combined anything and everything i learned about vehicles into one vehicle. The mod marathon 2019 which has these five mods release to the public up until December 1st., Just Cause 3’s fourth anniversary

While creating mods for the 2019 mod marathon, i also discovered how to work around another issue of the model importer: model size limits. It can’t import models bigger than a rocket launcher, so i figured out that most models can be scaled up, but using a hex editor to change the default 1 value to something bigger. This discovery led to the first fully custom vehicle

This one is not public yet, however Freeroam Unlimited players can already use it. I went one step further and wanted to create a custom map area complete with collision, which is currently on hold

Earlier this year, I also learned how to make drones player-controllable, this however doesn’t work in Singleplayer in it’s current form

And this is where we are now. November 2019 and i can’t believe what i learned about this game over only the past two years and how many other people i was able to help and how all this changed the way I look at games now…

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