Just Cause 4

Modding Just Cause started of relatively quick, with first tools being made by one of our team members only a month after the game’s release. I was so excited about modding Just Cause 4, but with how disappointing the game turned out, i quickly lost that excitement. I still wanted to see what i can do though, so I started by making an alternative to the existing mod launchers. These hijacked the game start up process and only allowed for one dropzone with zero customization whatsoever. So i thought of a solution similar to Just Cause 3’s, which seemed impossible due to how the game’s files are distributed over several folders, launch options would be too long for the Steam launch options field. Shortly after i discovered that system variables could be useful in this scenario. I added the full launch options as the value of a system variable and gave it a name, say “jc4mods”. Then i created a shortcut to the JC4 executable and added the system variable after the filepath to that exe file. Boom, a more customizable way that users would be more familiar with! The result of this was my “
Run with shortcuts – alternative way to load mods”

Now it time to do some actual mods. Due to limitations back then i wanted to make custom skins for several vehicles. Soon after i discovered that it was not possible to unpack Just Cause 4’s texture format yet, however some files still used Just Cause 3’s. So i went to work and made the first texture from scratch to figure out the layout of how the model applies the texture. I ended up with this

With this as a base, i was able to create a few car skins, which i shortly after also expanded to planes

From doing the cargoplane, i also learned how Just Cause 3 and 4 utilize repeating textures. Following this, i followed up with a throwback to my very first mod ever, the underwater buggy. From my previous experience with JC3, this was as easy as it could get

Observing how JC4 constantly loads vehicle stat files from withing the global folder, this meant they can be accessed at any time, from anything. So i messed around, giving sportscars fins and propellers, which quickly transformed into the amphibious vehicles mod for JC4, without any comprimise at all. This also lead to the enhanced amphibious vehicles mod for JC3 later.

Followed by this, were my very hacky weaponized vehicles. Due to a change in how property files for vehicles in Just Cause 4 i needed to get creative again and did what i did for my first amphibious vehicles in JC3, take weaponized vehicles, and transform them into sportscars. Users were once again required to spawn the actual sportscar before spawning these, but that was not problem at all. I was also able to exclude the vehicles i modified from spawning in the gameworld and give them a custom hash, so people wouldn’t randomly crash

The only two mods i released after this were updates to the now called Unlimited mod loader to be compatible with new DLC. I will return to JC4 modding very soon, updating old mods to work again and work on completely new mods, like the Project eDEN Codename payback that was put on hold earlier 2019

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