In November 2018 i first succeeded to spawn a normally unavailable vehicle in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. This was the beginning of the Freeroam Unlimited modpack, called the Unlimited Whitelist.

The name comes from the fact that multiplayer only allows certain vehicles to spawn, and by editing a certain file, this list can be extended to a a practically unlimited number of vehicles. Nowadays it does way more than let the DLC-Tstcar spawn in multiplayer, but that’s what i started off with.

My first modded vehicles were based on debug versions of existing vehicles as that was the only way to keep the modded vehicles exclusive to my server. Later i added support for debug weapons like the typhoon gun.

As my modding skills improved, so did the collection of mods available on the server. I quickly added the first few weapon swaps, the missile tank and stormhunter helicopter

Soon after, my map packs followed, allowing mission areas to be explored in multiplayer freeroam, along with some more modded vehicles, including the first weaponized vehicle i created, the agency quad and spy squalo

In early to mod 2019, i also discovered how to make drones player controlled, this is the only mod i had to keep multiplayer only yet, because it’s not possible to enter the drones in singleplayer

In 2019 Protato helped me to clone vehicles, which now allows me to add a virtually infinite amount of vehicles and weapons as i later discovered

This was first used in the urga fura emp and since then in every modded vehicle and weapon i create

In addition to my mods and mods by other modders, you will get the exclusive doom fortress. This is Hugom’s work on custom map edits, a giant base in the mountains of insula striate!

What’s next on the server? Not entirely sure yet, but i want to enable the server to call any game events in a player’s game. If this works like i hope it will, this will be the big new addition in Freeroam Unlimited version 4.0.0

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