The Spawn-Menu of Freeroam Unlimited is what started it all and became the core feature of the entire server. From the start of the server in early 2018 I focused on it all the time. It went through many design changes, but it’s purpose always stayed the same: Provide the player with everything the game has to offer

It provides you with the entirety of Just Cause 3 items that work by default. The rest is enabled using similar ways that I use for vehicles.

Additionally to every vehicle, weapon, NPC and object, players also get the ability to force various animations on Rico, at any time

But not just that, you’re also able to teleport to any marker on the server right from the menu!

Another feature of Just Cause 3 Multiplayer i use are dimensions. It just what it sounds like, a completely cut off gameworld. That way it enables me to create different dimensions that follow completely different rules. The spawn is a different dimension as well and protects from spawn-kills. Upon moving away from the spawn, you are warped to the default dimension. Dimensions to choose from enable you to use the Nuke-launcher and spawn explosions as well as use weapons in passive and more!

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